jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

Lady Butterfly's

Adoness - TLBH Poster

Cute dress with butterfly’s ,eyes,nails,hair Teal and shoes 1$L Store Wide Hunt  Adoness


Skin:Lisha Milk SE2 free gift group Step inside New

Shape:Iset shape [annaA] for Whore Certified New

Hair:Divinity Pinks and Purple Tameless Hair 

Makeup:Mixes Black/Sea Blue  *Eyelure* 


Outfit:Lady Butterfly Nails,Shoes,Dress and Eyes 1$L Adoness for Store Wide Hunt (8 April –8 May)


Necklace:Cerys {SE} collar Zibska for Fashioncentric Hunt

Pose: label motion